About Us

Our Mission

To engage, organize, and mobilize residents around initiatives and projects aimed at improving the Youngstown Community.

Our Vision

An informed and engaged population of Youngstown residents who’s health, communities, and strong economy are sustained by synergistic local, national, and global relationships.


Overarching Goals
Educate ourselves and others.
Empower those who are underserved.
Execute carefully thought out plans that are supported by relevant data.

Overarching Strategies
Collaborate with relevant organizations that have an organic grassroots base. Build strong networks of mutually beneficial relationships
Research and Develop New and Innovative Ideas
Take inclusive approaches.

Future Leadership Development
Resident Engagement
Community Revitalization
Organization Development
Community Health

Building and Sustaining a Diverse Learning Culture
Neighborhood Repair
Resource Connection and Management
Personal Development


Kelan Bilal

Master Barber; Excalibur Mens Grooming Lounge. Founder Grooming University.

Keland Logan
Executive Director

Bachelor of Community Health; Youngstown State 2004. Community Activist.

Hannah Ferguson

Bachelor of Science. Master of Science. Pre-Med, Research & Development.