Green Infrastructure

Youngstown Green Infrastructure Workforce Development Program


The goal of the YGIWDP is to equip current and emerging professionals with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to take advantage of Green Infrastructure job opportunities as they become available.


The initial programming will focus on three groups:
  1. Emerging/Displaced Workforce Cohort- High school students ages 16+ andother youth intensive development institutions. Reading assessment.
    106 Hours total. 40 hours classroom 66 hours of field training (4 hrs practice tests)
  2. GI Professional Development Cohorts-Current professionals, generally plumbers, construction workers, engineers, environmental pros
    40 Hours Classroom Time (2 hrs Practice Tests)
  3. City/county employees- Stormwater employees, Public Works and Code Enforcement/ Blight remediation
    40 Hours Classroom Time (2 hrs Practice Tests)

Trainers to be Licensed: Bryant Youngblood Courtney Boyle

The program’s critical first milestone is the Successful administering of two GI Certification Courses, one in each Cohort.

The Colony Youngstown will work alone and collectively with the partners to identify sustainable job opportunities and connect newly certified individuals to the Mahoning Valley growing GI industry.



●  October 2018:News Block Rain Garden Installation (Underway)

●  November 2018:Identify Training Projects (ongoing) | Develop Program Course Dates

●  January 2019:Begin Engineering Is Everywhere Curriculum at AUS, Open Recruitingfor YGIWFD Round 1

●  January 23 – 25: Trainer Licensing Course (Toronto, Ontario)

●  March 2019: Begin NGCIP Youngstown Courses (Cohort 1 and 2)

●  April 2019: Academy For Urban Scholars | Professional Development Cohort Green Infrastructure 2 Day Learning Trip (Washington, DC)

●  June 2019: GI Certification Test


● August 2019: Begin working with new certificate holders to address the GI needs of the Valley.

Training Facilities

  • Mahoning County Land Bank: Deborah Flora
    • Provide opportunities for cohort learning development in the field.
    • 6 parcels: $ 6000/per; Annual recurring budget $ 400
    • The Academy for Urban Scholars:Sabrina Jone
    • Classroom space for emerging workforce cohort
    • Engineering is Everywhere introductory curriculum
  • Choffin Career & Technical Center: Maurice Taylor, Michael Savill
    • Classroom space for professional development cohort
    • Engineering is Everywhere introductory curriculum


Emerging Workforce Director
The Academy For Urban Scholars Bryant Youngblood

Courtney L. Boyle Environmental Engineer Professional Development Director

Choffin Career and Tech/ MCTC Facilities | Recruiting

Youngstown State University
Service Learning | Recruiting | Workforce Training Projects | Intern Program Colleen McLean
Felicia Armstrong

City of YOUngstown
Demonstration Projects | Workforce Training Projects | Recruiting Chuck Shasho

GreenPrint Partners
Program Oversight | Project Development April Mendez
Genese Leach

WEF Water Environment Federation
Trainer Licensing | NGCIP Curriculum | GI Certification

Field Training | Project Developer Keland Logan

Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority
Community Engagement Partner | Recruiting | Demonstration Projects